Installation of multi-layer extrusion;


Tacon was responsible for scope items, A, B and C budget, several constructability projects, meetings in conjunction with contractors, gatekeepers and other involved departements, safety management prior to project start, daily progress reports, safety management, daily site leadership, several weekly information sessions and meetings with customer to in terms of widest possible support to retain customers deadlines. The project involved the creation of a new manufacturing process, this should be set up in an existing cleanroom facility where no disturbance of the nearby facilities was allowed.

  • Implementation and daily management of the CM team
  • Start of the project in February 2012
  • Planned and actual completion date in June 2012
  • 50,000 actual hours
  • No recorded accidents / default
  • Project costs have remained within 10% budget

Increase of Production


Together with our client we were responsible for the implementation of a complex project. This embraces the realization of a new production line in an environment of pharmaceutical products during ongoing production and should not be disturbed.

  • Assistance CM and filling 50% of the CM team
  • Start of the project in September 2012
  • Original delivery date in June 2013
  • 100,000 recoverable hours
  • Initial volume of 125 jobs