The Tacon Turnaround Methodology (TTM) is designed to support a manageable preparation and implementation of Turnarounds. The purpose of this method is to carry out Tacon Turnaround projects in a consistent, efficient and uniform manner from initiation till follow-up.
The method is generic, however, depending on the nature, size and complexity of a turnaround several steps or activities may deviate from this methodology.

This quick reference card is a brief summary of the TTM which defines various management flows at a graphical point of view. Full definitions and description are written in the TTM Tacon manual.

  • Turnaround management – includes the tasks and deliverables necessary for the Turnaround project to result in a manageable and successful outcome.
  • Work preparation, procurement & implementation – preparation of the scope, procurement of materials and services and implementation of the scheduled and unscheduled work
  • Safety, health and environmental management – preparing a safe and responsible performance of work
  • Quality control and logistics – monitoring the quality and availability of materials and services
  • Cost management & control – budgeting, accounting and financial management of the entire project
  • Scheduling and progress – total schedule for prepared activities, to ensure shortest possible cycle times and effective leadership during the implementation of the Turnaround