Tacon was founded in 2004.

Experience is the key for developing improvements in business processes, this exactly happened to Tacon. Preparation in stops and turnaround should be improved and tackled with a different kind of view. From this point of view Tacon developed their philosophical statement: “Thinking is good, but to think ahead is even better” and we still use our statement on daily bases. During the launch of Tacon, we were only represented with the discipline of Mechanical Engineering but after several projects it was clear that the improvements in preparation and the methodologies could be realized in all other disciplines. With currently all disciplines represented within Tacon we are able to corporate mutually and communicate between all of our disciplines, this trend still improves and has been strengthened ever since.

Tacon strongly believes that our next generation is the future and when tactically placed in our environment they are able to gain tremendous experience . Therefore Tacon combines young and experienced staff. Using this method we are able to train, educate and monitor our people. Our customers understand our methods due to our approach in offering appropriate people in the right combinations.

In recent years, we have experienced a strong growth in the Energy, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Infra market and we have grown into a company with approximately 80 skilled employees with experience in a wide variety of projects and clients. Our people work very hard every day for the projects from our customers even at home and abroad.

We will only be satisfied when our customers feel helped and the project resulted in a successful outcome.

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